Why I'm Running

My name is Oz Vazquez, and I’m running to represent Florida’s 18th Congressional District. I’m running because voters in the Treasure Coast need a representative in Congress who will fight for them, not for a political party or rich DC insiders. I grew up here, I met my wife here, and now I want to give back to the community where my family got its start.

My parents came to this country for a better life. Neither had a high school diploma, but they knew the value of hard work and believed in this country. My dad drove a taxi in Queens before his eyesight forced him to stop driving. We moved to Port St. Lucie and our family lived on savings and Social Security for most of my childhood. I know what it means to live on a fixed income and I know how critical Social Security and Medicare are to families who depend on them. In Congress, I’ll fight to protect those programs every day.

My first job after college was with AmeriCorpsVISTA, helping low income communities build affordable housing and develop small businesses in rural North Carolina. After graduating from Harvard Law School, I represented unions and workers, defending their chance work with dignity. I fought for food service workers, police officers, and for pensioners who were scammed out of their savings by Bernie Madoff. I served the People of Florida, working with both Democrats and Republicans to practice constitutional law in the Attorney General’s office. I’ve spent my career advocating for working people, now I’m stepping up to do that in Congress.

I’ve waited tables, washed dishes, and stocked shelves. That’s how I put myself through college. I know what it’s like to work a full day and more to stay ahead of bills. I don’t look like your average politician and I haven’t lived like one. I’m running to give a voice to working people who are struggling to get ahead, to seniors who depend on the benefits they spent their lives earning, and to our kids who deserve the chance to inherit the same American dream that I did.

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